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My knowledge in Media made me understand the involvement of each department and their implication in the Film Industry. I am able to perceive visual projects in a more generic concept.  In that sense I benefit from it, and have decided to commit my career to stop motion animation and to the design of creatures with special fx make up techniques.

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”. Albert Einstein

my puppets 16cmWith a Degree in Media, I found my way into the film industry as a Producer in Los Angeles, and started working for Fred Roos, a prestigious Casting Director/ Executive Producer (“The Godfather“, “Apocalypse Now“), where I ended up coordinating the cult movie “Prettyface“, directed by Jessica Janos and worked overseas for the Director of the International Ibiza Film Festival for two consecutive years. I also have interests in social work combined with film, and was able to assist teaching at “Inclusion Films“, a film workshop for children with disabilities run by Joey Travolta.

I started the production company, “Smilecass Productions “, where I managed to direct my own documentaries, animation sketches and music videos. On 2014 I traveled the United States recording “The Salo Project“, a series of pop up Filipino dinners with Yana Gilbuena.

Recently I committed myself to the arts. I studied character maquette sculpture at the Cinema MakeUp School in Los Angeles, a series of workshops at School of Visual Arts in New York and one and one classes at Dharma Collectibles in Spain, with Arturo Balseiro (“Pan’s Labyrinth“, “Eva“). My main goal is to work in stop motion animation, creature design and special fx make up.

EDUCATIONcat armature341x323
2013 Creature Maquette Sculpture Course at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles

2014 several continuing education classes at School of Visual Arts in New York

Puppet Making for Stop-Motion Animation
Introduction to Fabrication
Stop-Motion Animation
Special FX Makeup and Silicone Prosthetics for Television and Filmairbrush painting

2015 One and One class with Arturo Balseiro in Spain:
Designing your our Monster Creature; Sculpting, Mold Making, Eye Making, Hair punching and Painting:
Fantasy Airbrush Paint
Realistic Airbrush Paint


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