The safest, cheapest and strongest ergogenic aids can be found not in drug stores, but in grocery stores, your own garden and your kitchen. Athletes who are looking for an edge in performance know that the basic nutrition rules make a difference.
Julia Budniak is a track athlete and marathon runner who has traveled the world competing and holds a master’s in nutrition. She educates other athletes to not make the same mistakes she made; athletes that crave the ultimate fuel.


Directed by: Cassandra Sicre

Sport Nutritionist: Julia Budniak


Ryan Wilson

Julien Kapek

Celine Nyanga

Lisa Porter

Jose Miguel Cortes

Cal State Runners

Damanjot Kaur

Carmen Miller

Vanessa Herrera

Elizabeth Miranda

Sabrina Lopez

Andres de la Cruz


Tom Walsh

Tina Fernandez

Special appearance:

 Tania Makayed

Sports Dietitian: Kristy Morrell

Client: Eva Mautino

Executive Chef: Ubi Martins

Technical Team:

Color Grading: Juan G. Grados

Post-production: Allan Morales

Graphic Designer: Fernando Ruiz

Music: Jan Pauck

Sound Editor: Nacho Lopez

Segment Sound Engineer: May Daishi

Segment Camera Operator: Jessica Janos

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