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In a dystopian future a group of females discover themselves trapped in a strange game.

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A Visual proety directed by Javier Yañez based in the original poem of Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo La Perrera lived with a handsome man, much younger than she. Neighbor women gossiped across clotheslines that she held him with witchcraft.

Pretty Face the Movie

Karsen Liotta and Annalise Basso – Jenna and Marlena– photo by Austin Ellis

Thriller Film directed by Jessica Janos. Executive Producer Fred Roos. This project is actually in development looking for more financiation.

In the summer of 1969, Jenna, a rebellious sixteen-year old girl, abandoned by her deadbeat mom, steals a horse named Prettyface from her best friend’s family and plans to ride across the United States. When Marlena, her naive and very square best friend follows her on her pony, what follows alters their lives forever.

50 States 50 Feast Tour

The SALO Project is a series of Underground Pop-up Dinners featuring regional Filipino Cuisine, traveling to the 50 States in 50 weeks. SALO, in Yana’s native language of Tagalog, is a derivative of the word “Salu-salo” meaning big party or gathering.  SALO, with a different inflection, may mean “catch”. Hence, her tagline: To catch and to gather.

SALO is presented in a way that Filipinos traditionally eat Filipino food:  Kamayan Style, “eat with your hands”.  Food is served on banana leaves with no utensils, heaped in a pile in the middle of the table and everyone sits around and digs in. There’s a direct relationship with the food and its consumers.

OPA; El Rey del Banano

OPA es un Documental Biográfico sobre la figura de Luis A. Noboa Naranjo, un hombre nacido en la pobreza, que trabajo duro hasta alcanzar el éxito de la Compañía Bonita Banana. Un Ecuatoriano que compitió con las grandes transnacionales. Un hombre brillante y humano que se hizo a sí mismo y supo liderar a sus semejantes para levantar la economía del país.

Luis A. Noboa Naranjo fue un visionario que media a la gente por su valor no por su economía. Dio trabajo a mas de 20.000 Ecuatorianos formando el 5% del Producto Interno Bruto del país, llegando a convertirse en uno de los hombres mas ricos y respetados en Latino América.

Esta inmersión en la vida del señor Noboa, pretende rememorar todos aquellos buenos hábitos de trabajo y dar ejemplo tanto a los directivos como a los trabajadores de cualquier empresa, puesto que la ética y carisma de esta figura fueron herramientas básicas para el Grupo Noboa.


OPA; The Banana King

His name was Luis Noboa Naranjo, and he knew the meaning of hunger. Born into poverty, he rose above it to launch the successful Bonita Banana Company. Later, his ethic and charisma were persuasive tools in implementing the Noboa Group. A visionary who measured people by their values and not their wealth, he gave work to more than 18,000 Ecuadorians, generating 5% of the country´s Gross Domestic Product, ultimately becoming one of the richest and most respected men in South America.

He was an Ecuadorian who taught himself to compete with the big transnationals. A self-made man with humanity and brilliance, he lived an extraordinary life and took his fellow Ecuadorians with him for the ride.

You can find more information in  LAN Facebook.

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Craving Ultimate Fuel

The safest, cheapest and strongest ergogenic aids can be found not in drug stores, but in grocery stores, your own garden and your kitchen. Athletes who are looking for an edge in performance know that the basic nutrition rules make a difference.
Julia Budniak is a track athlete and marathon runner who has traveled the world competing and holds a master’s in nutrition. She educates other athletes to not make the same mistakes she made; athletes that crave the ultimate fuel.


Natacha Sicre and Ángel Llorente are the stars in a series of videos that explains how to grow a vegetable garden from scratch, and guides you through some recipes . You can find more information at LaMoralHuerto.

Stage Make Up Tutorials

STAGE LINE and Laurendor is professional make up line with Laukrom cosmetic products, that satisfies all the needs of a professional make up artist.

We did four make up tutorials to show how the products will apply when you are trying to age a person and for several fantasy make over for Mardi Gras. You can watch all four tutorials in their youtube channel :

Makeup tutorial | Fantasy makeup Aqua Girl

Makeup tutorial | Forest Nymph

Make-up tutorial | Halloween and Carnival

Make-up tutorial | Old age

Cold Skin - 2017

A young man who arrives at a remote island finds himself trapped in a battle for his life.

Horror-Sci film directed by Xavier Gens with the Make Up Prosthetics by Arturo Balseiro. Arturo is based in Spain, he was part of the Oscar Winning team on Pan’s Labyrinth. Now has his own visual effects design house named Dharma Estudio .

In Cold Skin I was part of Arturo’s Prosthetics B team on set.